i started a webring
March 19, 2003 01:46 PM

I started another webring (something I haven't done in ages). What happened was this: I went looking for webrings that represented some of the things I am.

And there weren't really any that expressed my attitude towards size and substance. This strikes me as really rather odd - I mean, there's this whole fat activist movement out there and only a handful of rings for them. Most of the rings that do exist seem to be "chubby chaser" sorts of things. Fine for you, but not really what I'm about.

So, I started this ring. It's called "person of size", and it's for people of any size who are active proponents of size acceptance. You should join it. [And you can find it here: person of size.]

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these are the thoughts of Tish on March 20, 2003 02:24 PM

I want u 2 know 1st of all that i couldn't even read your blogs w/out first noticing your very strong individuality! what do i mean by that? well, when i look at the different blogs and take note and observe and grade [lol], i look for something *different* and u have that......


i was reading and i read, nineteen March..... WOW!!!!!! i know this may seem a little crazy and off the wall 4 me 2 b excited about something as trivial as the date being written out with words and reversed! well, 2 me..... that constitutes a mind that is THINKING!!!!!!!

so many times n life, we go w/the grain..... i'm not one of those people,.....i'm always looking for ways and means 2 show my creativity and originality.

i could not leave your page w/out telling u that! i could not leave w/out letting u know that u made a difference n ONE person's life [me]......


these are the thoughts of LRT on March 21, 2003 02:49 PM

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