this is just the meaningless drivel i was looking for!
March 10, 2003 12:06 PM

I generally refrain from comment on the latest news about weblogs. There are many more interested, qualified people who can actually say something useful about those things.

But, I was struck - and amused - by my own reaction to a CNN article about the mainstreaming of blogs as it was delivered to me via BrozNews; today.

Broz says:
Oh goody. Blogging has gone "mainstream." More web sites describing peoples' boring lives.

At which I, of course, take great umbrage.

And then I say (to myself, fortunately):
My life is not boring! Who are you to say, O Great News Curmudgeon? And your site is rather a blog, too, so - bah!

Very silly. It gets better!

And then CNN says:
Terra Lycos last month introduced publishing tools to help people launch their own blogs. America Online is expected to offer a similar service to its 35 million subscribers later this year.

To which I say:
Oh, goody. Push-button publishing for people who don't even know how to open Internet Explorer.

The future of blogging: we'll all be full of shit and convinced that our way is better and that we're much, much smarter than all the other kids.

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