je projette des vacances
March 7, 2003 04:33 PM

We're planning a trip to Manhattan later in the spring. I've been collecting random things I want to do and then losing them, while I have this perfectly lovely website that I could be using instead.

So, read on only if you're curious about what I like to do on vacation. It's not exciting, I suspect, if you're not me.

Places we could stay:
one of those W hotels, Times Squarish.
Roger Williams (partly for the Howard Johnsonness of a hotel with a man's name.
posh little boutique place (but SoHo is so done, and we really are trying to be hokey tourists on this trip)
The Ameritania, which someone recommended.
The Muse, so we wouldn't have to travel far to the Drama Book Shop.

Things I'd like to do:
Some silly touristy stuff. Like museums and all the "must see" musicals. I haven't been a real tourist in NYC since I was a kid.

Cooper Hewitt (design museum): this I've always wanted to see. I'm a very enthusiastic Smithsonian fan.

The Natural History museum, which I still have never visited. Surprising, really.

Or any of the other scores of museums. Who knows?

Maybe see RENT, as the boy still hasn't even seen a touring company, and some boy I think I kissed a long time ago is playing Mark. World, very small.

Or, even better: The Lion King. But not Beauty & the Beast, despite what someone once claimed as its queer leanings.

We might even see Hairspray, and not even use the excuse that it's fat-empowering.

Of course, I'd like to actually see some of the more interesting experimental stuff, but it always fails to pan out. So, we're not planning anything. Maybe we'll luck into a SITI production or something. Something about counting chickens.

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