weirdest email ever
January 16, 2003 05:11 PM

I rarely post anything completely trivial (ah, shut up if you disagree). But I just had to share this crazy email.

It purports to be from the son of a dead Congolese dictator. Is this the new generation of spam? African despots?

In any case, I was amused, and slightly saddened. Read on, if you dare, to see the body of the email.

From: john seko
Subject: help me

I know this proposal might come to you as a surprise.
My knowing you is an ark of God. I was convinced to
solicit for your assistance after going through your

I am John Sese-seko, the son of the former president
of Zaire now Democratic Republic of Congo former
president of Zaire now Democratic Republic of
Congo(President Mobutu Sese-Seko) my father was
violently overthrown from the Office on May 13,1998 by
forces loyal to rebel leader LAURENT KABILA

Following the overthrown which forced my father into
exile to Morocco in North Africa where he later died.
With the overthrown, and the unfortunate death of my
father, the Joseph Kabila's Government seized all my
father's Bank Account and family business invested in
some African Countries and that has rendered the
family helpless.

I was arrested and detained when Joseph Kabila
discovered that I am the son who is signatory to
President Mobutu's account in switzerland.

I was smuggled out of detention with the help of my
close friends who are now serving under President
Joseph Kabila. I escaped from the Country through the
Congo river with the help of fishermen.

I am now residing temporarily in Lome-Togo. Now that
Kabila has died. He was assassinated on January 16th
2001, his son (Joseph Kabila) has taken over the
Government. The state of the Government is still in

Recently, our family house in Switzerland was
auctioned by Kabila Government and the proceed was
repatriated to the same Government.

With this development, my family has empowered me to
seek for any honest and God fearing individual who
will assist in transferring the huge amount of US$45
million to a less tax account overseas. This fund was
deposited as a GOLD DUST with a private Security
Company in Lome-Togo one of the African Countries .

This money is part of the fund set aside by my father
to succed himself in the Government.

Please, I hereby kindly solicit to you to come to
Lome-Togo, West Africa, where we will hold a meeting
and proceed to the Security Company where you will see
the money yourself and you assist to negotiate for the
transfer of the fund into your overseas Bank Account,
this transaction will not take more than 2-3days from
yourarrival date.

The family has resolve that 25% will be your share for
your kind assistance and 5%will be mapped out to pay
local and International expenses which may be incurred
in the process of securing this money while 70% is for
the family Financial needs and for investment overseas
with your comprehenssive advice.

Upon receipt of your favourable response, I will
advice the Security Company to change the Beneficiary
right to your name for easy transfer of the into your
Your account overseas.

Please, be informed that There is no risk attached to
this transaction. Feel free to ask any question and
seek for explanations if required.You can contact me
through my private alternative email

My best regards,

John Sese-seko

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your wicked thoughts

I've seen variants on this e-mail floating around for a few years (since 1995 or so, when I first got on-line). The country in Africa and the details background story may vary, but it's always the same basic idea -- large sums of money need to be transferred out of an account, the writer needs your help, you get a commission. Apparently some people have been tricked by these scams, and had their bank accounts cleaned out after they gave the writer their personal and financial details.

these are the thoughts of titilayo on July 6, 2003 07:50 AM

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