the new a-prime
January 14, 2003 09:20 AM

I'm starting a new language. I'll call it a-prime. You can use it with e-prime if you like. The two languages are quite complementary (and hey, by using both, you could be simultaneously communicating in three languages).

a-prime will abolish the use of the words "they" and "we". It's increasingly becoming a word that angers me. There's little room in "they" or "we" for dissent. It's the most convenient way to lump individuals, with individual opinions, into one dismissable or laudable group.

This morning I read a comment that Kell posted on the We Have Brains topic for the week. It was an eloquent comment that demanded respect for people who don't want to see porn or any aspect of the sex industry. But it had one tragic flaw - the continual use of the word "they" to refer to anyone who supported porn, as if all persons who consume porn or work in the sex industry have one, single platform. And all of those people, of course, are all about in-your-face comments designed exclusively to anger those who disagree. It was, suffice to say, a comment that has put me temporarily off reading a blogger whose writing generally excites me.

There is no one "we" of pro-sex feminists. No one feminism, no one fat accceptance movement, no one queer movement, and no one "pro-porn camp". There are individual voices that might unite in one message but do not share one overwhelming agenda.

If belonging to any of these groups requires me to accept these "we's" and "they's" people love to toss around, I'll renounce them all here and now: I am not fat, I am not a feminist, I am not queer, and I am not anyone's "they" or "we". I am one person with a set of opinions that may or may not coincide with yours.

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your wicked thoughts

I'm glad I read your post here, because I was about to write something to her. It's kind of presumptious (spelled that wrong) and annoying to split people right down the middle like that. I mean, I know I don't agree 100% with others who'd say they are pro-sex pro-porn, but I wouldn't be thrown into the opposing category either. You have tact I don't have.

these are the thoughts of kerri on January 14, 2003 09:47 PM

Silly me left a comment on her blog asking her to be specific about what she means by porn (because I was really curious) and she seemed to be offended by her views being questioned.

these are the thoughts of kerri on January 17, 2003 11:19 AM

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