jimmy carter!
December 11, 2002 09:30 PM

in the bicentennial summer of our faded glory land
a bright new face appeared upon the scene.
of an honest peanut farmer by the name of Jimmy Carter.
his eyes were set on every school boys dream.

I meant to post very enthusiastically awhile ago that Jimmy Carter won a Nobel Peace Prize, but I guess it's old news now. Still, Carter's enthusiasm for peace and communication seem appropriate given both the current global political climate and the marking of Human Rights Day this week.

I worry that even our most international peace mongerers in America become jokes of a sort. Too many people cynically laugh at Jimmy Carter, at what he does in Cuba, at the notion that we'd listen to him urging Georgie Porgy to work with the UN.

But tonight, let's just sing.

well the odds were stacked against him
but he was not afraid to fight
the mighty facist empire lined up on the right.
so shake the hand of the man
with a handful of love
the one and only Jimmy Carter.

(quotes from the song by Blue Mountain)

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