democrats, huzzah
November 15, 2002 03:46 PM

There are tons of articles out there about Nancy Pelosi taking over as House Minority Leader. I like this one; it has a nice "just the facts, ma'am" quality about it.

I'm also more than a little amused at a Washington Post article that tells us, essentially - "No, she's not just a hippie - she's a real politician". I think part of Pelosi's appeal is her odd Mom quality. You really can see a bit of your own mother in her, whether your mother is a homemaker with 5 kids, a wacky liberal, or a career girl. [Is it hip and retro of me to use "career girl" in a sentence? Or just offensive? I can never tell.]

In any case, I'm glad Pelosi's advancing. She just seems to deserve it. Oh, and she's the first woman to lead a party in the House. I think that deserves a quiet "huzzah".

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