i suck, but so do you
November 6, 2002 03:42 PM

Consider this my juvenile unsent letter to the Democratic Party.

I didn't vote yesterday for the first time since I turned eighteen. I didn't vote because I suck, which means that when we moved, we changed our addresses with the DMV but failed to submit the additional paperwork to re-register to vote. In Virginia, that means you can't vote anywhere - you don't live where you're registered, and you're not registered where you live. This is stupid (not the rule, my failure to follow it).

But I don't think it matters that I didn't vote. Because you suck. In my local house race, you put a Dukes of Hazzard cast member against popular representative, in a race where neither of them had any actual opinions.

You didn't even bother to run anyone against the Great And Powerful John Warner.

And. Most of you wimped out on Iraq, and then you turned the Republican's whining about delaying the vote into a griping opportunity. Rather than diplomatically stand your ground, you folded like aluminum foil. Sure, there were some of you who made a point to find out what the people you represent wanted, and some of you who took and kept a position. But most of you floundered.

Don't even ask me about my residual bitterness for those of you who blamed Ralph Nader for Al Gore's fake loss two years ago.

A young Republican with terrible hair was on CNN this morning talking about the Democrat's lack of vision and definition, saying that the Republicans know they're the party of capital, and you don't know what you're the party of.

He was right.

Also, the undergrad who ran for city council in my old district lost. That might be your fault, too.

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your wicked thoughts

hah ... i didn't vote this because of i guess apathy. i was so excited to have kept up with my voting and to be voting for my first presidental election a couple years ago, and i actually thought i would be happy with gore for the president (lord knows even though i usually vote strictly democrat, that there is some complete asses running as democrats) and then i did and the whole crazy presidoont mess happened, which made me feel totally powerless. now i have moved on to apathy and i'm guessing that in a few years i'll be voting again. well, yes i will be because if bush wins again i don't want to feel the guilt of not having voted against him.

but this election, well, i can't say i was led out of my apathy by anyone in the democratic part by any means...

hmpf. i still can't believe how young this country is in the way that people here all seem apathetic too, regardless of what has happened and what happens.

these are the thoughts of inez on November 8, 2002 09:33 AM

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