ick. ick. ick.
October 18, 2002 11:30 AM

My computer at work is now using IE 6.

And I can see those damned colored scrollbars everywhere. Like, the Greymatter default template - colored scrollbar! Friday Five - colored scrollbar! Some Girls Design - colored scrollbar (actually, that one's not too bad)! Freaking Lex - colored scrollbar!

Seriously, I think these things are a usability issue. I do not approve. And even if, for some sad reason, I start designing on a PC, I promise not to put colored scrollbars on my pages. They distress me.

And I'd like to thank some of my devoted fans (or rather, people of whom I am a devoted fan) who don't use colored scrollbars: Eris. Caveat Lector. Revolution Nine. Nod Ltd. Digital Down Low. Exposure.

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I can't see the damned scroll bars half the time. Sucks!

Mac. LOVE the Mac. My page - made on a Mac. Hence the nicely visible gray scroll bar.

these are the thoughts of revolution9 on October 18, 2002 01:06 PM

well I hate the default grey scrollbar! Ug-ly. I think my scrollbar is nice and subtle. It's just base-color #eeeeee or something, no? I haven't seen my page in weeks except at work on a Mac, so I can't even remember. hah.

these are the thoughts of Freaking Lex on October 18, 2002 01:38 PM

uh oh

these are the thoughts of Tish on October 19, 2002 03:45 PM

Funny - I have a coloured scrollbar and generally like them (just has to be the right colours). But I've had conversations with a netscape fan about them and he says the same as you. Now that I'm using netscape, I never notice them....

these are the thoughts of Alison on October 19, 2002 04:02 PM

hah - i used to use them when i did all of my designing on my pc, then i started doing half on my mac and didn't bother because i'd forget, and now i just don't do them at all even if i do make something on my pc. the times i do use them is if i make a design with some sort of inline scroll because i think it looks so much better with matching scrollbars, but those are kind of doody from a useability viewpoint so i don't do those much either.

these are the thoughts of inez on October 20, 2002 06:16 AM

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