the power of search results
September 24, 2002 10:22 AM

Anytime you're feeling powerless, or even just cranky, a peek at the things that drew people to your site is always delightful.

Well, most of the time.

[As a complete sidebar, I just tried to spell "delightfull" the way my great grandmother would have done. I don't know if she'd be proud or what.]

For instance, I am the number one search result for "inspiring rant".

And I appear (not surprisingly) in searches for the "meaning of persephone", which also pulls up a Jungian interpretation of eating disorders via Alice in Wonderland. You might also wonder how the people tried to please persephone, as at least one person did. Sounds a little naughty to me.

I also turn up darn close to Kerri if you look for blog feminism, which also has a number of interesting results.

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your wicked thoughts

it is good you have a surefire cure.. i shall have to try it out sometime ;)

these are the thoughts of teddybbwear on September 26, 2002 05:52 AM

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