why i'm not a member of PETA
September 10, 2002 03:18 PM

I think PETA has finally secured itself the "We May Be Liberal, but We're Still Assholes" award.

Quite some time ago, they managed to alienate a large portion of their former women members (self included) when they started run ad after ad capitalizing on the usual misogynistic advertising schlock - and shockingly enough, managing to be as offensive as a Calvin Klein underpants billboard. (check out nostatusquo.com for some vintage PETA advertising). Personally, I wasn't so much offended as annoyed by the shear, persistent tackiness of it all.

But now, they're just being fat-hating idiots. Check out the latest in fat-bashing misinformation. As sizeacceptance.org points out (as does nearly everyone who's referenced PETA's "Go Veg" campaign), there are plenty of fat vegetarians. To add to the absurdity, PETA has latched on to the notion of meat = fat at a time when that outdated notion has already been replaced with the trendy (and gimmicky, and unhealthy) Atkin's diet and such.

I'm also just overjoyed by the now hip and funky use of The Anoymous Fat Belly. It's not just a PETA thing; it's a new trend in news and advertising media. Enough of a trend that it's been officially mocked on The Daily Show, even. Could we be any more rudely anti-fat?

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