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August 14, 2002 01:47 PM

Microsoft is evil.

I know this because, every time I approach MS Access thinking hey, I'll be bored, but surely I'll at least get that feeling of accomplishment this time, it bores me into that limp-eyed stare. You know the one. The one you wear around the office until you finally step outside or trip and fall into the collective toilet. That one.

This is a bad day for this. Maybe a bad week for this. There is nothing quite so likely to suck out your soul as arriving back from a vacation in which you read a load of progressive propaganda to spend some quality time with Access.

I'm regretting Michael Moore's book like a warm shrimp salad sandwich. Really. Nothing like being told by an alarmist, funny-in-a-way-he-thinks-is-revolutionary [and also in a way that sometimes I think is sexist] guy telling you you've sold out and hate your job to put you in a mood for an occasionally dull work day. This should in no way be taken to mean that I dislike either Michael Moore or my job, by the way.

No. It's all Microsoft's fault.

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your wicked thoughts

Funny you should mention the slightly queasy uneasiness with which you're meeting the Michael Moore remnants... He was looking for a full-on, full-time designer a couple of years back for his web sites (approx. 60 hours per week) and when I contacted his staff, they informed me that they would only pay a salary of 35k a year. In Manhattan. So much for decent living wages and fair compensation. As an aside, I too have sensed a vague whiff of mysogyny when reading Mr. Moore's work.

these are the thoughts of Leigh on August 16, 2002 09:43 AM

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