or the accordion player
July 25, 2002 11:54 AM

I took another silly quiz. It's better than the average, because it came from wintergale.org. But it's still wrong. It says I'm a keyboard player.

We all know I'm the bassist. Or the accordion player.

The boy came back from Georgia last time with a book for me. A couple of books, actually. One was "The Accordion Crimes", which I honestly tried to like, since it came from the man whose recommendations brought me to Barbara Kingsolver. The interesting thing is that it happened to coincide precisely with the moment at which I decided, out of nothing, that I wanted to learn to play the accordion. So the pictures of different types of accordions were my favorite bit of that book.

In any case, I just remembered this once burning desire I had and have resolved to learn to play some form of accordion. One of the cute button ones, I hope. I'll report back soon.

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