the US versus the World
July 2, 2002 05:07 PM

Why aren't we talking about this?

We're pulling out of the Balkans (a rare bird, the functional peacekeeping mission) because we (the US) have a paranoid schizophrenic's notion of the International Criminal Court's secret desire to persecute American soldiers.

Look, as far as I'm concerned, all American soldiers are my daddy, or the little girl who lived across the street when I was a tot. My great not-a-raving-liberal stance is my defensiveness of the individuals who make up our armed forces. [Er, and also that I don't really recycle.]

But please. If you read the ICC material, you'll see that, though US concerns may have originally been valid, the changes made in response to US dissent have substantially changed the mandate of the court. It can now only try individuals who have participated in widespread, systemic war crimes [those endorsed by the state they represent] when the national court of their country cannot or will not effectively conduct a trial. In other words, only for massive scale war crimes, genocide, and other equally appalling acts.

The latent conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the uncooperativeness of the Bush administration doesn't bespeak some intent to perpetrate a few "war crimes" of our own. Maybe to systematically torture some Afghanis down in Gitmo? Because otherwise, I just do not get it.

[Conservative readers, consider this an invitation to "educate" me. I look forward to your responses.]

By the way, this entry's title rather reminded me of the whole "World Championship" held solely in America concept. I just found that rather funny. Had to share.

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