I was about to write
June 28, 2002 12:52 PM

I was about to write my Friday Five. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Apologies for my cynicism, but this week's was awfully treacly. And I'm just not a flowers and bunnies kind of girl.

So, instead, I redesigned We Have Brains. It's not a lot different, just a little neater. I actually applied one of my own free templates (somewhat modified) to the site.

I had this whole "all girl summer fun project" design worked out. But then the computer stopped working. Actually, its annoyingly expensive battery recharger broke; the computer would be fine otherwise. So I improvised on the redesign.

Also, I'm seriously considering writing a feminist book for men. Or maybe for boys. Something young and hip that addresses feminist issues. Of course, it's more likely to turn out as a zine, as I have no idea how to get a book published (and likely not the energy and/or money to do it). Anyhow, if you have thoughts on what this book should contain, deposit them at We Have Brains.

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