fat people on planes
June 21, 2002 09:20 AM

I've seen and heard three separate news articles over the past two days that target Southwest Airlines for its fat-unfriendliness.

Ironically, Southwest has a longstanding reputation for treating fat people poorly. They're now coming under fire for enforcing a policy that appears to have been on the books for over twenty years. Fat people have complained in the past of being boarded on one Southwest flight without incident, only to be forced into buying another seat for a connecting flight.

In short, Southwest is a bad place for fat people. Don't fly Southwest. Fly a fat-friendly (or fat-friendlier; it seems none of them give a damn that their customers rears are getting bigger as their seats get smaller) airline instead. There's a nice list (republished from a slightly older Consumer Reports article) at grandstyle.com.

Big Fat Blog also has contact information for Southwest, so you can call them on their record of fat harrassment.

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