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May 21, 2002 08:45 AM

As I listened to NPR and watched CNN (my daily dose of politically oppositional news), something occurred to me.

Specifically, something about the way we've been intently watching to see if maybe, just maybe, the US government could have been aware that terrorists were about to fly planes into buildings.

What occurred to me is this: Does it really matter? Honestly, if the government had known and had taken steps to prevent it, would we have believed it?

Seriously. If someone had told you, before you saw the World Trade Center collapse, that your flight was cancelled, that you'd have to wait longer at the airport, that commercial flights might be shot down in the sky, that more of your tax dollars were being spent to secure airports or something equally ludicrous-seeming: would you have believed it? I doubt it. If those events had been somehow prevented, we would assume the government (which we always want to think of as something foreign, apart from ourselves) had wasted our time and money on empty threats.

And as the government is, in fact, composed of people. People not unlike you. If the information was there, wouldn't it still have been impossible for them to believe? I'm not talking about the people whose job it is to piece together puzzles and imagine the unimaginable, but people who drive policy. Who have the power to effect change. Those people think like you and I. That's what we pay them to do.

My point isn't a brilliant insight. It's just that, on a certain level, I suspect we're seeking to know why the people we elect didn't try to pursue some course of action that we wouldn't have let them pursue anyhow. That what we want to hear is that we knew but couldn't believe.

And what I think we should be doing is understanding why we couldn't believe in the first place. Why we ask, with such innocent confusion, what they hate us for.

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your wicked thoughts

be careful. you seem to be thinking here. THEY don't like that! lol.


these are the thoughts of Theophany on May 22, 2002 09:43 AM

there was a special on last night about how fireproof the trade towers were and that the architects and designers took into consideration that planes may fly into the buildings, but didnt consider the fule factor of the planes. i'm just waiting for some dead executive's wife to try and sue the designers of the trade towers.......

these are the thoughts of eris on May 22, 2002 04:37 PM

I read about the trade towers being planned for a plane crash as well. I guess they didn't count on someone purposely flying into them like that, maybe a plane crash with the pilot doing what he could to avoid the towers or lessen the impact. How sad

these are the thoughts of Di on May 27, 2002 07:54 PM

I think because a plane did fly into the Empite State building way back when, they did consider it. But Eris is right, they never considered the fuel part of the equation. I saw a special on it & the designer the WTCs looked like a man who wants to die...full of guilt. Poor man. How could he had known all those years ago?

Yeah, be careful...thinkers aren't smiled upon these days.

these are the thoughts of Roni on May 30, 2002 11:05 PM

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