passing thoughts and parenting
April 24, 2002 10:54 AM

I feel obliged to keep promises to my parents more now than I did when I lived with and depended upon them. Go figure.

I thought about this as I carefully squished my schedule for this weekend to accomodate both a promise to the parents and a desirable social engagement (party! featuring friends not seen in years!).

I think I'm a better kid now. Than when I was a kid. I hope I am, at least.

The boy is fixated on the teaching and raising of children (we have none; I want none) and has me reading books by John Holt. These books seem very outdated. I read them mostly because I am very, very afraid of children and I want to know why.

And I encountered, while browsing today, this zine: raising hell. It made me think of some friends of mine who are such unbelieveably good parents.

I'm working (mostly mentally) on the "your mom" issue of the zine. So I'm not exactly preoccupied with parenting, but I am noting my passing thoughts on the subject more than usual.

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your wicked thoughts

I've realized that since I've gotten older, I feel more obligated to share details about my life to my mom. For some reason, I can always think about what it must feel like for her to see me growing up, growing apart from her, and her realizing that I don't come crying to her anymore. Now she's just an outsider viewing my life from afar and knowing only what I let her know.

But, I suppose, doesn't every mother go through that?

Now, I make it a point to find time to have conversations with her, as compared to my younger years of rebellion.

these are the thoughts of anne on April 24, 2002 12:07 PM

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