speaking of kentucky
April 10, 2002 02:19 PM

While we were driving, we passed so many cows even I was bored with them. I usually tend to scream "cows" everytime I pass them. And so with pretty much any animal.

It's dorky, I know. But I'm a city girl.

Anyhow, I saw all these cows. They're dirty. Their hair sticks all up and they're just sort of ugly. We saw pigs, too, but the pigs were cute. And huge, I had no idea pigs were so big.

I have this thing with chicken; I can't eat it because, most of the time, looking at chicken makes me think of how tortured chickens are in industrial farms. I know they're desperately stupid birds, but I just can't eat while I'm thinking about their tiny cages. Ironically, I can't stand the gaminess of free-range chicken. So I just generally avoid it.

Now every time I eat beef, I think about how ugly cows are. And if I eat pork, I'm reminded of the cute, giant pigs I saw.

So I'm practically a vegetarian now. This isn't a moral issue, by the way. I mean, yes, I think industrial chicken farms could use more humane methods, but otherwise it's just a gross-out thing. Of course, by the time images of cows and pigs have left my mind, I may be used to eating like this. Who knows; I never ate much meat to begin with. My friend would call me a fishetarian.

We saw an ostrich farm, too. That really didn't affect my diet, but it did make me laugh. I wonder what all the other farmers in town say to the guy who started the ostrich farm?

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i dont eat red meat and pork because they arent healthy for me, same for most dairy products. i'm not a vegetarian either and probably contribute to those inhumane chicken farms. and fish farms too, i guess.

these are the thoughts of eris on April 10, 2002 04:29 PM

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