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March 15, 2002 01:01 PM

I have discovered the cure for smoking.

[drumroll, please.]

Don't buy cigarettes.

No, seriously. It's working like a dream for me. You don't buy any, then when you want one you have to go buy them. If you're me, and the cigarettes you [used to] smoke must be purchased at tobacco shops, this is a seriously good plan.

I recommend it.

[Updated 3/16/02]

Due to the immense (ahem) popularity of the previously dispensed advice, I've decided to reveal the other secret, revolutionary method behind my smoking control [it's not quite cessation, is it?] program:

It's called: the boyfriend. He's been enlisted for the past couple of months to control my access to cigarettes by hiding them and only dispensing them in units of one or two.

Also highly successful, at least at limiting the smoking.

Not recommended for people whose significant others also smoke, as they're likely to think you're an idiot and to mock you severely.

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your wicked thoughts

my main problem with doing this is that it would only work (for me) if I could buy individual cigs, or maybe 5 packs...

these are the thoughts of skattrkattr on March 15, 2002 04:47 PM

your method is excellent, unless the person with whom you live isn't also trying to quit. last night, after having had none for a few days, i had half my wife's pack. i quit cold turkey in 1989; this time, it hasn't been as easy.

these are the thoughts of mike on March 15, 2002 06:07 PM

i take it you smoke cloves too? expensive shits, aren't they? i've been meaning to quit, but my vices.. *le sigh*

but yeah, i've doen that plan before :) the first time i quit smoking *LOL*

these are the thoughts of Zae on March 15, 2002 08:49 PM

you must have a great deal more patience than me! if i made my signifigant other hide my smokes, he'd be strung up within 6 hrs while I torture the information out of him!

but if it works for you...

these are the thoughts of skattrkattr on March 16, 2002 05:22 PM

Perhaps it's a conditioned response in me, but anytime anyone tells me they're quitting smoking I immediatly equate it with "I am no longer buying cigs. Can I bum one off of you?"

Perhaps it's just the people I deal with everyday.

these are the thoughts of MrEntropy on March 16, 2002 09:44 PM

I don't know what you smoke, Mr. E, but I can almost guarantee I don't want one.

these are the thoughts of kerykes on March 17, 2002 12:42 PM

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