i started a collab!
March 10, 2002 08:11 PM

I was reading this month's topics from the If project and Ampersand, and I started thinking how much I wished there were still a collab for feminists like at the old khunt.net.

So, I started my own.

We Have Brains. It's for feminists and really anyone with a brain. I'm planning on having topics every 2 weeks, and managing it with a notify list. So, go join. Comment on posts. It'll be, well, not necessarily fun, but interesting. And, I hope useful.

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your wicked thoughts

hey, thanks for mentioning khunt :) I'm still working on getting f-word up and ready (I think I've been saying that for a year now) and it'll definitely have a collab. best of luck with 'we have brains' -- sounds like a solid idea!

these are the thoughts of meade on March 11, 2002 01:12 PM

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