little technical triumphs
March 8, 2002 10:54 AM

I had to drive for a meeting yesterday, and everything I saw just seemed amazing. Then I came home, and my mind kept translating things into disgusting, mismatched textures.

Somewhere in there, I ended up with a new site design. At least, I think it's a new site design. For now, it's implemented on the journal. I even added images for the dates, so I could see days as words. My favorite thing about the design is the mismatched letters and sections (the main nav, on your right). It seems somehow perfect for a picture inspired by dadaists.

I think I actually get greymatter now; I've had all these little triumphs with it lately. The image thing, and getting it to display my monthly archive not as a stream of text, but as a list of links to individual entries (that was the thing that made this least useful as a journalling tool). These little triumphs are about as technical as I get.

I'm glad of all the content management tools. If it weren't for them, I'd have a pretty but very dull site, mostly just a design portfolio (of sorts). But currently, I'm particularly glad of greymatter (and not just because getting moveable type installed on somegirlsdesign is continuing to be a vast and pondersome pain in the ass).

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