tangled silvery web
February 5, 2002 01:20 PM

i followed a faery tale to find an amazing little zine and an intriguing writer. and then i landed on this inspiration and its source.

so, these are my top ten feminist inspirations, in no particular order:

Bitch Magazine in general and Lisa Jervis in specific. For being confrontational without losing a sense of irony.

Every other womangirl who says she's a feminist. For doing something about it. And especially all my girlfriends, for being so damned smart and fun.

Internet communities and the people in them. For making space to discuss and being worth it.

Buying books. For passing around knowledge and questions. Extra inspiration from Amazon, for being a corporate giant without being bloodsucking and for making it easier to find my books.

Inga Muscio. For being a smart-mouthed cunt.

My boyfriend, James Hillman, Robert Bly and Robert Moore for making me think about masculinity. And Marion Woodman, Kathie Carlson and Clarissa Pinkola Estes for making it make sense.

People who think of me as an inspiration, for making me continue even when I think no one's listening and it doesn't matter.

Kick Ass Radical Feminists (including all those who aren't linked) for making sure there still is a feminist movement that is interesting and challenging.

Lesbian folk rock for being anthemic and singable in cars. And other harder-edged chick music, for the same reason.

The french women who invented the word feminisme, and early feminists in general, for wearing pants, thinking, and kicking ass.

I suspect my influences change almost daily, but those are they. For today, at least. What are yours?

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your wicked thoughts

Oh i follwed my tracking page to here and must say i love yoru feminist inspirations.

I think every girl should do it. recognize what got you here, ya know? =)

these are the thoughts of magda on February 6, 2002 09:09 PM

in a randomness order:

1) anais nin

2) colette

3) rene vivien

4) violette leduc

5) luce irigaray


6) eve sedgwick

7) judith butler

8) internet people like http://myredself.org and http://purifiance.org and


9) diane wakowski

10) barbara johnson

most of these are names that probably don't mean much by themselves, but they are poets and authors and theorists who have influenced me. also, i'd have to say my most beloved professor richard corum should be included...

anyhow thankyou for sharing! and nice to 'meet' you.

these are the thoughts of kore on February 7, 2002 01:33 AM

i'm entirely elated that you enjoyed the zine.

& exceedingly pleased to be apart of your tangled silvery web

top 5 feminist influences:

1. my mother

2. bikini kill

3. the pictures of riot grrrls with writing on their tummies.

4. judith butler

these are the thoughts of mariam on February 10, 2002 06:01 PM

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