feet 5: shopping : feet are always pleased when they have cute shoes and contrasting handbags
[added on 01/13/03]

feet 4: party : ah, my crazy party feet - in their dancing shoes
[added on 01/13/03]

feet 3: sleep : don't hate me because i'm beautiful - this is what my feet look like in the morning
[added on 01/13/03]

feet 2: training : my feet are actors
[added on 01/13/03]

feet 1: work : feet in hose!
[added on 01/13/03]

fan : almost ghostly, a moving fan.
[added on 09/05/02]

redhead : me! red hair!
[added on 01/15/02]

mask afire : the transformative power of holiday lighting
[added on 01/05/02]

the wall : for when I feel nostalgic for our old house
[added on 12/05/01]

light play : just a play on light and color
[added on 10/05/01]

sleeping hero(ine) : more kitty photos
[added on 10/05/01]

moody : the cat has brilliant facial expressions
[added on 10/05/01]

belly : because you really wanted to see my belly
[added on 10/05/01]

snow white : the closest I've come to art photography of myself
[added on 09/25/01]

socks : me! new socks!
[added on 09/15/01]

window : one of many pictures of my windows
[added on 09/05/01]

gazing : this is a gazing ball, taken very close up
[added on 08/15/01]

daisies : taken the first day after I bought my toy camera
[added on 08/05/01]

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