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reclaiming september : appropriately fall colored and decisive
[added on 10/07/02]

piraten jenny / madel : deutschland ca. 1926 - brecht, cabaret, dada and one big brown collage
[added on 03/07/02]

pirate jenny : an early pass at the piraten jenny / madel version of this site
[added on 03/05/02]

the eyes : fairy light and flowers
[added on 01/02/02]

snow angel : a 2001 winter auction design, based on a favorite lyric
[added on 12/04/01]

edge of the holiday : yummy purples that ended up inspiring my real-life holiday tree.
[added on 11/02/01]

cubical bending : a design for one of my alter-ego diaries, very conceptual
[added on 10/04/01]

operatic : designed to be dramatic, in honor of my new web browser
[added on 09/02/01]

queen of the tomatoes : two colors that aren't allowed to go together - as if!
[added on 09/02/01]

fruit fall : the pomegranate makes its first of several appearances
[added on 09/02/01]

the red period : passionate kisses for red, green, and the beauty of light.
[added on 07/02/01]

blue glass : based on something i see everyday.
[added on 07/02/01]

not afraid of you : birth of a slogan
[added on 04/02/01]

princess april : the very first design i built for myself
[added on 03/02/01]

wicked purple : the first edition of
[added on 01/02/01]

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