pirate jenny

March 05, 2002

a never-produced idea for the site that ultimately resulted in the collage of version 6. composed entirely of self-created brushes and text.

what i said when i first posted this:
well, touch you, lucky reader.

not only are you seeing a very early (and therefore very rough, likely never to see the light of day) proof for wicked p version six, but you are also seeing a gorgeous imprint of my very own face.

so, here's the deal. the next version is going to stay up for awhile. the idea started as me wanting to incorporate more text into the design (the text comes from kurt weill/bertholdt brecht's threepenny opera - specifically, it's "pirate jenny") and thinking about weimar/brecht/bauhaus. now i'm doing a ton more research into german dadaists, feminism in weimar germany, and basically immersing myself in german pictures.

i have no idea how it will turn out, but i promise it will be interesting. and i very much suspect we'll all learn something. because i am a huge nerd.

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